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The Importance of Engine Filtration
Compared to microscopic dirt particles, your engine is a Goliath, roaring with heat and energy as it converts fuel into raw horsepower. But despite all this power, your engine is extremely vulnerable to the threat of microscopic engine dirt. In fact, if unchecked, this tiny menace will dramatically erode your engine's performance and can eventually cripple it beyond repair.


The ultimate protection for your vehicle. Using AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils, Filters and an Oil Analysis system to monitor and protect the status of your oil and engine, the AMSOIL TriGard Protection Plan is the ultimate way to insure your investment.

Engine Wear - Automotive experts agree that dirt is the number one cause of engine wear.  At first glance, it does not seem possible.  Engine dirt particles are so small-  mere dust specs-  and an engine is a highly sophisticated piece of machinery, crafted from the most durable metal alloys.  How can these minute particles bring down such a high-tech giant?  The answer lies in the fact that dirt particles are extremely abrasive.  They consist of razor-like flakes of road dust and airborne grit drawn  into the engine through the air intake, as well as manufacturing scarf and wear metal particles generated inside the engine.  These particles are carried by the oil into the precision clearances between bearings and other moving parts.  Once they work in between these parts, they grind and gouge surfaces, altering clearances, and generating more abrasive debris.  As this wear cycle continues, precision components become progressively sloppy and fatigued until they fail altogether.

Oil Degradation -  In addition to physically assaulting engine components, dirt and other contaminants work to degrade the oil that provides vital engine lubrication.  Sooty particles generated during combustion can be forced past piston rings and into the oil.  These particles act like tiny sponges, absorbing critical additives and shortening oil life.  Soot also wreaks havoc with viscosity by causing oil to thicken.  And in the presence of moisture, common by-products of combustion will react chemically to produce corrosive and rust-producing acids.


AMSOIL Oil and Air Filters -  Filtration is the key to preventing costly repairs caused by engine dirt.  Filtration is simply a method of removing contaminants by trapping and holding them outside the system of oil circulation.  In order for filtration to be truly effective, however, it must be able to capture contaminants of all types and sizes.

AMSOIL has developed a complete line of sophisticated filtration products designed to offer the best protection available against virtually all harmful engine contaminants.  With an AMSOIL FLOWZAIR 2 Stage Air Filter, an AMSOIL Duty Oil Filter and an AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter, your engine can run long and hard with outstanding protection against engine dirt

AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filters
The AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filter is a full flow oil filter designed for extended drain intervals and severe service. Its rugged filter body contains a high-tech blended filter media composed of cellulose, synthetic fibers and glass fibers. This sets the Super Duty apart from conventional filters in capacity, efficiency and service life.

The AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filter's rugged construction and high-tech media make it ideal for motorists who extend their oil drain intervals, drive hard, want to make their engines last or simply want the best filtration possible.

AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass Filters
The AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass Filter cleans oil diverted from engine circulation by treating it to ultra-fine filtration that removes sub-micron sized particles and water. That helps engine oil last its longest and perform its best.

In fact, use of the By-Pass oil filter may eliminate the need for oil changes.

AMSOIL Dual Remote Oil Filtration System
The AMSOIL Dual Remote Oil Filtration System combines the AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filter and the AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass Oil Filter on a single mount that may be placed anywhere space allows in the engine compartment, for ease of serviceability.

The Dual Remote increases the circulating oil volume in the engine. That helps the oil stay cleaner and last longer, and it helps regulate engine temperature, which promotes engine life.

Finally, the Duel Remote mounting system allows use of larger than usual filters, which again increases oil volume and allows more efficient filtration.

AMSOIL FLOWZAIR Two-Stage Air Filters
The AMSOIL FLOWZAIR Two-Stage (TS) Air Filter promotes superior engine performance and protection. In fact, the TS Air Filter has been proven to allow 30 percent more air flow than conventional paper air filters.

The TS Air Filter features two layers of oil-wetted foam wrapped around an expanded metal body. Air flows freely through the filter, ensuring optimal combustion for top engine performance. Airborne dirt, on the other hand, cannot negotiate the foam channels, and once knocked down remains oil-trapped.

The TS Air Filter's foam filter elements may be removed, washed, dried, reoiled and reinstalled for miles of trouble-free driving. In no time, the reusable TS Air Filter offers a savings over the cost of single-use conventional paper filters.


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