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Welcome to eco-warehouse. Our goal is to save you money.

eco-warehouse is dedicated to providing quality products and information to enhance daily life in a sustainable manner without the hype, high cost, or rhetoric of many other companies. Look around, ask questions, and we're sure you'll be back.

Our interest lies in promoting and providing products for alternative fuel, solar, wind, and water power generation, water conservation, energy efficient lighting, organic gardening, water gardening, steel & concrete homes & buildings, geothermal heating & cooling, and much more. If you think we should include something more then please let us know. We look forward to your call or e-mail.

Our present focus is promoting AMSOIL products which benefit everyone (except the big oil companies).

AMSOIL will save money because

  • Don't need to change your oil more than once a year
  • Pay less for oil and filters
  • Pay less for gas because of increased mileage
  • Pay less for repairs because your engine and drivetrain don't wear like dino-oil allows (some AMSOIL users have 300,000 to 600,000 miles on their vehicles with no appreciable signs of wear)
Service Facilities
  • Reduce waste oil and filters
  • Make a better profit
  • Can offer their savings directly to you
The Environment Benefits From
  • Less waste oil
  • Fewer waste filters in landfills
  • Less air pollution (from better running engines and less volatility of AMSOIL)
America Benefits From
  • Reduced foreign imports for oil because AMSOIL is American made, not imported and refined
  • Reduced foreign imports for fuel because you get increased fuel mileage
Please check out our AMSOIL pages with the link on the left, download a catalog, and ask if you have any questions. Time and again, people who use AMSOIL never go back to using anything else. Even people already using synthetics notice a difference in AMSOIL products. They are just that good.
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Save Money with 25,000 miles between oil changes
The ALTRUM Division of AMSOIL, INC. includes four product lines for a healthy lifestyle: ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements, AquaBrite Water Filters, AGGRAND Natural Lawn and Garden Products and Pure Power Cleaning Products.
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