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For now, please enjoy the multitude of information available in the AMSOIL brochures below.
Save Money with 25,000 miles between oil changes
Cost comparison of AMSOIL vs. Conventional Oil for Personal Use
Note: the following PDF brochures are viewable, but not all are printable.
G-52 - Motor Oil and Filtration Guide (updated 4/03) 349k
G-100 U.S. Retail Product Catalog  (updated 10/03) 1923k
G-118 - Farm Products Brochure (updated 1/03) 307k
G-221 - Home Heating Fuel Extender Flyer (12/02) 104k
G-254 - TRIGARD Fair Handout (12/01) 200k
G-290 - AMSOIL Products Catalog  (updated 9/03) 696k
G-290S - AMSOIL Products Catalog (en Espanol) 1104k
G-300 Canada Retail Product Catalog (updated 04/02) 1799k
G-385 - AMSOIL Filtration Products  (updated 08/02) 1345k
G-391 - Motorcycle Products (updated 1/03) 564k
G-392 - Truck & Fleet (updated 8/03) 305k
G-393 - "A Commitment To Excellence In Lubrication" Brochure (6/03) 261k
G-397 - Maximum Protection for 4-Wheel Drives 315k
G-398 - Performance Choice for Today's Engines (updated 3/02) 167k
G-487 - Applications Brochure (updated 2/03) 307k
G-496 - RV and Motorhome Products Brochure (updated 12/02) 302k
G-497 - Family Fleet Products (updated 10/03) 1320k
G-554 - Synthetic Diesel Oils (updated 11/03) 478k
G-1008 - AMSOIL Marine Products Brochure (updated 1/03) 1320k
G-1009 - Synthetic Commercial products Brochure (updated 12/02) 311k
G-1053 - All Purpose Fair Handout 356k
G-1056 - AMSOIL Lawn & Garden Products Brochure 169k
G-1059 - AMSOIL Environmental Products Brochure (updated 1/03) 303k
G-1063 - Dual-Gard Brochure (updated 10/01) 190k
G-1092 - Dual Remote Filtration System (updated 8/02) 135k
G-1104 - Heavy Duty Diesel Fuel Additives Brochure (updated 2/03) 274k
G-1135 - P.I. (Performance Improver) and Diesel Fuel Modifier (6/03) 90k
G-1136 - MP Metal Protector; MPHD and Power Foam 82k
G-1179 - Lubricants World article 127k
G-1207 - Grease Brochure 294k
G-1214 - Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil Fair Handout 154k
G-1283 - Series 2000 Fair Handout (updated 7/03) 193k
G-1285 - AMSOIL Product Tips Brochure 71k
G-1310 - Industrial Grade Synthetic Compressor Oils (updated 5/03) 365k
G-1343 - 409,000-Mile Oil Drain Brochure (updated 2/03) 277k
G-1349 - Automotive Appearance Products (updated 6/03) 121k
G-1351 - 8.2% More MPG With AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants (updated 10/03) 246k
G-1363 - AMSOIL Limited Warranty - Lubricants 167k
G-1365 - Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil Handout (en Espanol) 91k
G-1366 - All-Purpose Fair Handout (en Espanol) 171k
G-1378 - AMSOIL Lubricant Cross Reference Guide 340k
G-1392 - Racing Testimonials Brochure (updated 2/03) 276k
G-1401 - AMSOIL Oil Change Program (updated 10/03) 284k
G-1406 - XL-7500 Point Of Purchase Brochure (1/03) 289k
G-1431 - Series 2000 Octane Boost Flyer 170k
G-1438 - Series 2000 TCR 2-Cycle Racing Oil 400k
G-1465 - Oil Analyzers Oil Analysis Service Brochure 389k
G-1488 - Truck Testimonials Book (12/02) 289k
G-1489 - Diesel Power Products Brochure 169k
G-1490 - AMSOIL Product Change Interval Guide (updated 05/03) 125k
G-1526 - Snowmobile Products Brochure (updated 1/03) 256k
G-1650 - Clothing and Promotional Items (updated 2/03) 444k
G-1663 - Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid (updated 8/02) 240k
G-1667 - AMSOIL/Hastings Filter Brochure 1000k
G-1670 - ALTRUM Catalog 1317k
G-1746 - AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Flyer 246
G-1747 - Performance Products for Recreational Four-Stroke Vehicles 235k
G-1749 - Grass Roots Racing Testimonials 473k
G-1757 - BOSCH Premium Automotive Accessories 203k
G-1766 - BOSCH Wiper Blade Guide 252k
G-1768 - Motorcycle Oil Filter Cross Reference Guide 177k
G-1916 - Triple Length API Sequence IIIF Testing Brochure 164k
G-1967 - AMSOIL Torque-Drive Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid 224k
G-1971 - API Comparitive Motor Oil Testing 174k
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