$10 - you get dealer prices for 6 months
$20 - you get dealer prices for 1 year
$30 - you ARE an AMSOIL dealer!
You can be paid for selling and signing up new AMSOIL dealers, commercial, and retail sales accounts.
AMSOIL has been doing research and development of synthetic oils for automotive, commercial, and industrial use for over 30 years and is the leader in this industry. Their products are
100% synthetic, do not rely on foreign oil feedstocks, are American made, and simply the best.
AMSOIL will Save You Money
Whether you drive a little or a lot, AMSOIL significantly reduces the maintenance requirements of your vehicle and extends the life of your engine. Even without considering the time saved in fewer oil changes and long-term benefits of using AMSOIL, the short-term cost savings are literally money in your pocket. Consider your yearly costs for oil changes and you'll see substantial savings using AMSOIL.
Name Brand
AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil
Series 2000
1 Year* or
1 Year* or
  Oil Change Interval
  Oil Retail
$ 5.20
$ 5.95
$ 8.50
  Oil Cost
$ 1.89
$ 3.95
$ 4.65
$ 6.55
  Oil Cost @ 5 Qt
$ 9.45
$ 19.75
$ 23.25
$ 32.75
  Filter Cost
$ 3.49
$ 3.49
$ 7.50
$ 7.50
  Cost for Each Service
$ 16.72
$ 32.39
$ 41.35
$ 55.30
  Services per year at 2,000/month
  Cost per year
$ 133.76
$ 97.17
$ 41.35
$ 55.30
  Cost Savings over Conventional  
$ 36.59
$ 92.41
$ 78.46
*Extended oil change interval of 1 year requires the use of an AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filter, and a filter change at 6 months with an additional quart to top off the engine.
Big Oil Companies Have a Different Agenda
Marc Graham, president of Pennzoil-Quaker State-owned Jiffy Lube International, was quoted in a 2001 Lubricants World interview as saying, "At [PQS] we use a number internally that if we [shortened the drain interval] by 100 miles [for each car serviced], it would mean an additional $20 million in revenue for the company." He also explained that "if we could move our customers to get one more oil change per year, it's worth $294 million for the oil change alone and $441 million in revenue, when you include the ancillary products and services customers typically buy along with the oil change."
AMSOIL Has Many Environmentally Responsible Products
From oils that produce less waste oil, additives to save fuel, biodegradable antifreeze, to general and specific cleaners for your home, garage, and car, truck, boat, RV, ATV, and snowmobile. As an AMSOIL customer you even have wholesale price access to Bosch, Hastings, Dahl, and Donaldson Endurance products to round out almost every vehicle need in one place.
Don't Neglect Your Yard, Crops, and Body
AMSOIL carries a full offering of All Natural Organic fertilizer products and Superfood-based nutritional supplements under the AGGRAND and Altrum brands. AGGRAND is proven superior to traditional fertilizer such as Miracle Gro®. As an AMSOIL preferred customer you also have wholesale price access to these great products. Call or write for more information.

The REAL Facts about Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oils
(Mobil Clean 5000, Mobil Clean 7500, and Mobil 1 Extended Performance)
AMSOIL has recommended 25,000 mile/one year drain intervals since 1972.
AMSOIL delivers the highest quality lubricants on the market. It's the AMSOIL identity, and it's what customers expect. Al Amatuzio coined the phrase "extended drain interval," and from the beginning, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have been formulated for extended drain intervals.
Mobil backed off 25,000 mile oil change intervals in 1974.
Mobil briefly recommended 25,000 mile oil drains in the 1970's. It's not difficult to figure out who they were trying to compete with. AMSOIL was the only other company offering synthetic motor oils and recommended 25,000 mile drain intervals. However, it may be that because vehicle manufacturers weren't yet comfortable with extended drain intervals, Mobil retracted its extended drain recommendations and simply recommended motorists follow the intervals specified in their vehicle's owners manual. Of course, traditional oil change recommendations also allow Mobil and other motor oil companies to sell a lot more oil. Everyone wins but the customer.
AMSOIL stands apart from the competition.
AMSOIL has always formulated its products to be the absolute best, continually researching ways to make its already outstanding products even better. Other oil companies, however, are beholden to shareholders, and one could speculate that their incentive is to maximize profit. They formulate oils down to a price, rather than formulating them to be the best they can be. Then, they price their products to maximize profits. In addition, AMSOIL has 33 years of experience blending premium extended drain synthetic oils. That's 33 years worth of proven performance in the field.
AMSOIL products are available for less.
The suggested retail price of the top oil in ExxonMobil's new line, Mobil 1 Extended Performance, is $5.79 to $5.99 a quart. That's right in line with AMSOIL 5W-30 and 10W-30, which retail for $5.95 a quart. By registering as an AMSOIL Preferred Customer, customers pay only $4.65 a quart(XL-7500 $5.20 retail/$3.95 preferred), and even less when purchasing by the case.
A close look at ExxonMobil's new long drain motor oil line reveals that two are petroleum based, one is a synthetic blend and only one, Mobil 1 Extended Performance, is a full synthetic. The petroleum based products are recommended for 5,000 mile drains, the synthetic blend for 7,500 mile drains and Extended Performance for 15,000 mile drains. However, a look at the fine print reveals that ExxonMobil is still recommending drivers follow the oil drain recommendations listed in their owners manuals during the warranty period. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are recommended for 25,000 mile or one year drain intervals in both new and older vehicles. The AMSOIL warranty stands behind this recommendation.

From the Mobil1.com Web Site
Is Mobil Clean 5000 a synthetic oil or a synthetic blend?
Mobil Clean 5000 is not a synthetic or synthetic blend. While it does offer high performance, the base stock composition is non-synthetic.
Were competitive brands included in testing of the new Mobil high-endurance line? If so, which brands and how did they perform compare to the new Mobil products?
We do not cite competitive brands that we test against. This line-up consists of completely new products and with these products we are setting a new standard in oil change intervals. I can assure you that the new products were tested against quality products that are representative of branded competition.
Were these tests and results conducted and validated by an independent third party?
In many cases, our additive suppliers actually conducted the testing. This is very common in our industry and deemed an acceptable practice.
What formulation differences exist between Mobil Clean 7500 and the synthetic blend, Mobil Drive Clean Plus, introduced in the spring of 2003?
While Mobil Clean 7500 is a new formula, there are similarities to Mobil Drive Clean Plus Synthetic Blend. Both formulas are a blend of premium conventional base fluids and a high-performance synthetic fluid. Also, both formulas offer an extra level of cleaning agents versus our conventional oil.